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Officers & Standing Committee Chairs

From left to right: Betsy Folks, Pat Thompson, Sandra Catoe, Margaret Bundy, Gigi Biggerstaff, Cecile Flanders, Peggy Little

                                                                  From left to right: Betsy Folks, Pat Thompson, Sandra Catoe,
                                                                 Margaret Bundy, Gigi Biggerstaff, Cecile Flanders, Peggy Little

Officers 2011-2012

President: Peggy T. Little
First Vice President: Cecile Flanders
Second Vice President: Gigi Biggerstaff
Third Vice President: Margaret Bundy
Recording Secretary: Pat Thompson
Corresponding Secretary: Betsy Folks
Treasurer: Sandra Catoe
Chaplain: Deanna Hungerford
Advisory: Jackie Palmer

Standing Committee Chairs

Awards: Margaret Bundy
Birds/Butterflies/Backyard Wildlife Habitat: Gigi Biggerstaff
Camp Wildwood: Margaret Bundy
Communications: Betsy Folks
Constitution/By-Laws: Betsy Steele
Conservation & Environmental Education: Sandra Catoe
Finance: Pat Troutman
Floral Design: Betsy Steele
Garden Tours/Historic Trails/National Garden Week: Suzan Courtney
Garden Therapy: Sheila Robertson
Historic Preservation/Historic Landscape Initiative: Joyce Morin
Horticulture: Barbara Gibson
Litter Control/Recycling: Karen Neely
Membership: Betsy Gregory
Programs: Cecile Flanders
Publicity: Debbie Avinger
Trees/Arbor: Brenda Brown
Youth Garden Club/Poetry/Poster Contests: Carolyn Tolson