Design Work, Soft Landscaping and Consultation. 


Before totally immersing myself in gardening I was Head of Graphics at a secondary school in Woking. I started teaching garden design to the pupils as part of their examination course and very quickly found myself designing gardens for staff and friends. I left the teaching profession in 1989 to start my own garden design business and since then I have been lucky enough to design a vast range of gardens for all situations.


I use a very different approach to designing than most other garden designers. I meet with the client to talk about what is required and what can be done. I then go away and sketch in the region of 10 - 12 different ideas for the garden. These are whittled down to 6 options each incorporating some or all of the features required. Each option will deal with the garden in a different way. The options are then left with the client to mull over for a number of weeks. The final design could simply be one of the six options; it could a combination of two options; or one particular option with the addition of a feature from another.


 I have found that this method ensures the design process includes the client throughout. The final design is therefore one which the client and I have worked on together.


Once the design is sorted, the planting scheme can then be discussed. This ensures that the important structure of the garden is completed first – the hard landscaping being what is seen throughout the whole year. The soft landscaping can then be looked at for the various situations within the garden.  


Colour Schemes & Cottage Borders


As well as total garden design, I will design and plant borders. My particular specialism is cottage garden schemes. In the past I have re-generated just parts of the garden for clients bringing back to life a dreary area. This can add a new dimension to an outdoor space.


Turf Mazes


For those that might be interested, I have designed and cut out various Turf Mazes both in this country and the USA. If you have a large area of grass and wish for something different that provides a wonderful link with our past, looks stunning and is fun; then maybe a maze is the answer? They also provide a contemplative and healing path, and as such are now linked with hospitals, schools and other public areas. 




I am also happy to come along and give a ‘consultation’ to anyone wanting to alter their garden, wishing for new ideas or simply requiring some advice on planting schemes.